We have done plans for many homes and additions in Northeast Georgia, primarily around the town of Gainesville and its surrounding counties.

We have also done several in Big Rapids, Stanwood, Mecosta, Reed City, Howard City, Baldwin, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Fruitport, Grand Haven, Nunica, North Muskegon, Spring Lake, and Royal Oak in the state of Michigan.

The size of these projects range from small remodeling projects / additions inside of and to existing homes, to Larger remodeling projects to commercial buildings up to 5,000 square feet, and smaller homes from 1,200 square feet, to massive dream homes of nearly 7,000 square feet not counting the areas of garages and basements.

Our goal is to provide our services conveniently from sea to shining sea.

Pricing (effective August 12, 2009)

Initial Client Consultation, Preliminary Design and Review, Foundation Plan, Floor Plan(s), Four Elevations, Single Building Section, One Reproducible Set, One Final Revision.

Note: Major changes such as roof alterations and exterior wall changes are to be done at the preliminary stage. Drafting after preliminary review and additional consultation time for a second preliminary review will be documented and billed at the hourly rates above. Any such alterations after final plans are drawn will be documented and billed at the hourly rates above. The final revision is limited to minor changes such as moving a window or changing a door swing, etc. but does not affect the structure significantly or the interior layout drastically, i.e. not more than 10% of the floor plan’s area.

Additional Services:
Single Story Floor Plans 0.60/sq.ft.- under roof
  0.60/sq.ft.- decks
  under 1,200 sq.ft - $700.00
  over 3,500 sq.ft. - negotiated
Multi Story Floor Plans 0.60/sq.ft.- heated
  0.22/sq.ft. - unheated
  0.22/sq.ft. - decks
Finished Basement Plans 0.22/sq.ft.
Home Additions and /or Remodels $45.00 per hour
2 Hour Site visit up to 40 miles each way $125.00 (after that $1.00 per mile & $45.00 per hour)
Custom Design Consultation $65.00 per hour
Custom Design Drafting $45.00 per hour
Additional Drawings $45.00 per hour
Changes $45.00 per hour
On-Site Consultation $65.00 per hour
Architect Fee additional charge (if required)
Engineers Fee additional charge (if required)
Original Plots $5.00 per page
New Construction $2/sq.ft.
Additions and/or Remodels $65.00 per hour
Architect Fee additional charge
Engineers Fee additional charge

*Note: Fees above are general and are subject to change without notice. Actual fees are based on individual projects. Clients will be provided with an estimated fee proposal at time of project.