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2 Number of Stories: 1 1 1/2 2
3 Basement Walk-out Basement Crawlspace Slab
4 List all rooms by title (noting any special conditions next to each):
5 Basement: Finished Unfinished
6 List any exterior details you would like shown on the elevations (for example: brick or stone). Note all locations of brick ledges will be needed.
7 If there is a basement, would you prefer a bearing wall down the center or a beam with posts?
8 Are there any special building materials or styles you would like noted or detailed? Explain.
9 Are there any other items you would like shown on the floor or foundation plans? Explain.
10 OPTIONAL: Mechanical and Electrical drawings (Additional Fee)
11 Additional Notes :
If you haveany sketches or presentation visuals please email them us.

I hereby agree to the estimated preice and agree to pay:
25% of estimated price at initial consultation
25% more at completion of preliminary
25% at completion of previous agreed changes
* Balance due upon completion

*Note: Balance upon completion is subject ot change based upon numerous modification and /or revision changes. Once (1) revision is included as a part of the initial residential service plan. Any additional revision will increase fees at a rate of $45.00 per hour.

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